Request Support for Your Community Program or Event

We are motivated and inspired by people like you who are making great things happen in your community. Where we can, we’d love to lend our support. If you’re looking for support for your community initiative, take this quick survey to determine which of our community programs is the best fit.

We’re grateful to people like you who are working hard to make our communities stronger. While we would love to support all the wonderful things happening in our community, it’s just not possible so we’ve developed funding criteria to help us determine which initiatives best align with the impact we’re trying to have. Thank you for thinking of Interior Savings to support you in your endeavors, and recognizing that we’re not the right fit for your initiative. We wish you the best of luck and please check back with us if you have another project that does fit with our funding criteria.

To apply for this level of funding, please complete our Community Partner Large Sponsorship Application Form. We are seeking community partners who are aligned with Interior Savings community goals, whom we can help in a meaningful way and who, in return, will be advocates for Interior Savings, committed to helping our credit union achieve success. Our Community Partner Sponsorships range anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the event, the positive impact on the community and the opportunities for us to build our business.

To apply for this level of funding, please complete our Small Sponsorship and Donation Application Form. Our small sponsorships and donations range anywhere from $150 to $1000 depending on the event, the impact on the community and the sponsorship value to our business. All applications will be considered as long as they meet our funding criteria; however, preference will be given to those applications that positively impact the greatest number of people and that offer recognition for Interior Savings.

It sounds like your project might qualify for support from our Community Investment Fund, to apply click here. Please familiarize yourself with the criteria of this fund before applying, however here’s a quick synopsis of the intent of the fund: The Interior Savings Community Investment Fund provides seed money or one-time financial support to develop sustainable programs that enrich youth, health, and/or economic development in our communities. Eligible projects must have a far-reaching, positive impact on the community and intend to be self-sustainable. Large capital requests and funding for operational costs likes staffing and consumable supplies are ineligible. Allocations typically range between $3,000 and $15,000 depending on the scope and scale of the project and the anticipated impact on the community and surrounding areas. Click here to learn more.

It sounds like you’re seeking subsidy for ongoing operational costs for your community program or service. If you’re looking for a donation of less than $1000, you might want to see if our Small Sponsorship and Donation program is a fit for you. If you are seeking a larger investment, we don’t currently provide operational funding to established community programs or services; we’ve found that we can have a bigger impact by helping local funding partners and community foundations raise money through our sponsorships and endowments. Have you considered approaching your local community service clubs, United Way or community foundation to request support? We wish you the best of luck and invite you to check back with us if you have a sponsorship opportunity, or if you are looking for an initial investment to get a new, sustainable program or service off the ground.

Great! Please fill out our Tent and Signage Request Form. We have a number of banners and 10x10 community tents that we lend out to groups who meet our funding criteria. We also have a large 20x20 tent and Fat Cat Mascot that may be available as part of our Community Partner Large Sponsorships.