Small Sponsorship $1000 or less

We are motivated and inspired by people like you who are making great things happen. Where we can, we’d love to lend our support! Our small sponsorships range anywhere from $150 to $1000 depending on the event, the impact on the community and the sponsorship value to our business. All applications will be considered as long as they meet our funding criteria; however, preference will be given to those applications that positively impact the greatest number of people and that offer recognition for Interior Savings.

Eligibility Criteria

Each year we receive hundreds of requests for support from deserving community groups. Regrettably, we can’t support them all, so we’ve created some guidelines that help us determine if a project is a strong fit with our community investment focus.

Applicants for Sponsorship will only be considered if they are:

Your application must clearly demonstrate how the program or event will:

We are unable to support programs that:

We look forward to receiving your request. Please use the link below to tell us how this sponsorship will help make a big difference for our communities, our members and our credit union.